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Welcome to Hummingbird Translations!

At Hummingbird, we understand that business is global. Whether reaching across the city or across the ocean, the first step in presenting your service or product is to communicate effectively with your audience. The expert translation of your message is an important part of this process.

Customers and service providers tend to respond more positively when you provide information in their own language. If your competitors’ information is available in multiple languages and yours is not, you may be missing both opportunities and income. That’s why translation is an essential step in the growth of your business.

Hummingbird Translations helps to keep you competitive in diverse markets via translation that is targeted, effective and culturally appropriate. Because your multilingual versions must reflect more than word for word translations, we strive to develop your translated message to be as persuasive as the original source text.

Whether you need a technical document, legal papers or a website translated into one language or several, Hummingbird Translations will be your partner in the process. Our commitment to excellence “translates” into excellent service.

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